A savage and a sweetheart

She is an old soul with a new style,who wears black and speaks her mind. So powerful, she leaves her prints on everyone she touches because she is both: A Savage and a Sweetheart. – S. Menutt

I resonate deeply with this quote. Sometimes I feel more like a savage in my inner life and a sweetheart in my outer life. I want to flip the script.

I deserve more sweetness in my inner landscape. Practicing compassion and kindness with myself. Doing nice things for myself. Allowing myself the gift of patience and the luxury of time unplanned.

For me. And let that savagery out in the wild where it belongs – using it to chart my path unafraid and finding my pack.

Wolves are savage. Aren’t they? Fierce, Ferocious, Untamed.

Let’s gooooooo. Doesn’t that sound so freeing? Just a little bit more of that in my outer life please.

Finding a balance is not about taking out excess. It is about shifting excess in one realm to lack in another and vice versa. Balance is about giving a gift to one and receiving a gift of less, and on the other hand receiving a gift that fills a need.

Something like this anyway. My inner landscape is like … a gnarly jungle that has a forest in the middle that is so tree-covered and riddled with beautiful greenery. Doesn’t sound beautiful but it really is… so beautifully untamed in parts that it is really hard to know how to begin to enter and explore.

My outer landscape is composed… and suffering. My inner landscape is also suffering because the chaos that needs to be set free to be picked up by complimentary energies in the world is staying inside. It is stuck inside.

Everything is not about what it appears to be.

I used to avoid brushing my hair at all times. When I was a child my grandmother would beg me to brush my hair saying that I looked wild if I didn’t. I needed that.

I needed to just let my hair be what it was. Free and wild and growing beautifully on it’s own without being tamed or molded or even criticized. I admired it. Always.

Now I still don’t brush my hair, only in the shower. Only when I am taking time to cleanse, reconnect and recharge my energy in the shower do I tend to my hair in a way that makes me feel excited to see what happens when I get out and let my hair dry.

It’s these little wild things. The things that are meant to be swept up by the world, caught up in something beautiful and bigger than themselves. They must be set free from the inner landscape.

A little savagery in my outer life and just a little sugar on my self-talk, self-care, self love. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Balance. Why stand on one leg when you can stand on two?

Well darlings, it seems to me that standing on one leg is taking a chance that we are greater than the sum of our parts, greater than what we can see and sometimes, we need to take a chance to be swept up in something that we might never feel otherwise, without a little bit of ferocity and unruliness.

Talk soon,



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