Do you have the time…

Do you have the time to stop and wonder?

-Sarah Baker

I’m wondering about wondering now… meta-wondering. I am reading through a new magazine these days, it’s called Bella Grace magazine. My mom bought it for me and I think maybe she’s on to something. These people seem to be like me.

Sarah Baker asked me this morning – “Do you have the time to stop and wonder?”

That struck me big time. I wonder if I have the time to stop and wonder hahaha I think I do! And I think I do it very often.

But for me it’s not often enough with all of the other things that require me to create a life that keeps me in a home and allows me to experience things of value. Value being ascribed by money a lot of the times.

Wonder is priceless. Daydreaming is priceless.

People say sometimes to me… a daydream is just that – a dream and a goal is a reality.

But I say to them … the mind doesn’t actually know the difference between a daydream and a goal. It knows what you think about. And if you don’t direct it to the wonderings, to the daydreams, your mind will think anyway. Unless you have achieved enlightenment and you can have a life with no thought. A life with a mind as a passenger. That is the DREAM hahah! The absolute dream.

But anyway, do you have the time to stop and wonder…? Do you value the idea that your mind will think no matter what and perhaps you might be able to guide your thinking towards the things you wonder about, the things you would love in your life?

Indulge your senses every once in a while, by really being present. And allow your thoughts to be no more than ponderings, observances. See what happens.

This is something I like to do – I carry two stones in my jacket pockets for this reason alone.

Holding something in my hand focuses my mind on that thing. Which frees my attention to go elsewhere and create my thoughts a bit more carefully.

Can everything be going in the same direction all at once?

Another literary mentor of mine, Mark Nepo, wrote in this morning’s meditation about Straying. That straying from where we are to where we are thinking about creates a tension in our lives because our attention is now split.

Here’s to one focus. Here’s to fully living in where we are.

But B… what happens if we aren’t happy where we are?



Seriously. I know.

Things can be tough, you are working jobs you don’t really wanna be in just to make money, you are not sure what you want to do with your life when everyone around you seems to just know this one thing they want or have an amazing set up in life with no complications.


All of these things are comparison. All of these things, I am learning… take me out of my attention and create tension. Split attention = tension.

Can we be, fully SO fully where we are that we are so grateful for this moment, enough to trust that because of that, the next moment can bring absolutely ANYTHING.


Think about this – how long does it take for an email to arrive in your inbox? If I send you an email at 8:45 you will receive it at 8:45.

In an instant. (Unless you are working with my gmail which has been feeling the pressure lately and maybe trying to monotask like me hahaha)

But honestly – that email could say – CONGRATULATIONS you have gotten that great thing you wanted to get, we are delighted to have you.

In an INSTANT. Right?

If we have the ability to relate to that in email, why can’t we trust that the Universe can deliver the same, in the fullness of each moment?

This is the catch – you have to REALLY be there. This is something I am really working on – if I can REALLY REALLY be in this moment, fully. All of my body, my mind and my spirit is here right now, what could happen?


When I was little, I think I’ve written about this before – I used to get tears in  my eyes when I would think about how exciting it is that anything could happen at any moment. The second I would do that my entire being would liven up -just super tuned in to what was going on around me. With the beautifully innocent expectation of miracles any second.

Well now I am allowing that innocence to transform to faith.

Can I now, believe that anything could happen at any moment with the beautifully faithful and loving gratitude of deserving it?

Let’s gooooo.

Talk soon,




SKETCH ABOVE – by the talented Adriano Moraes

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