Birthday Wish

So every year on my birthday I take the whole day off from social media. I’ve done it as long as I can remember. Some people know this about me already. I like to take the whole day away from it so that on the 7th I can read through all of my birthday messages and smile (usually cry as well haha!) with delight and gratitude for the love that has come my way for my special day.
Normally I just disappear and don’t say anything till the 7th when I come on and thank everyone for their messages. I will still do that, but this year I’d like to try something a little bit different.
Facebook asked me if there was a charity that I’d like to set up a donation fund for, in honor of my birthday. I think that is an amazing thing and I think charitable giving and philanthropy makes a huge difference in this world.
I’m scared to write this right now because I don’t want to taint my gratitude for my birthday season by asking people to be generous, because I’ve never asked before and I’ve always received such tremendous generosity. But I am going to ask because this year, what I’d really like for my birthday, is for you all, if you feel so inclined, to support the organization of my choice – Two Can Do. This creation means more to me than words have allowed me to describe.
And this year, we did something that I never knew was in the cards for me, we went on tour and sold out two shows. We had a gala where we raised all of the funds I needed in order to cover expenses for this tour. The support that came from the depths and breadth of my community was completely overwhelming to me.
I feel so empowered to believe that what I am doing with Two Can Do is what I am supposed to be doing.
Speaking, writing, from the heart – I have always found it damn hard to figure out why the heck I am here. And I still feel like I am in search, a pretty deep search, for what my aspirations are and how to act on them.
But I do know that every single time I step into the studio with Eimear Byrne and we are in the world of Two Can Do, I feel alive. I feel present. I feel compelled in the present moment. I feel like I know exactly what I am doing though I don’t actually know ANYTHING about what I am going to do until I do it.
To me that is humanity. To me that is the point. That is the human journey – to be present, to accept, to trust that all will be revealed. I want to continue to share this work and I am working damn hard to make sure that I can sustain it financially.
I invest every penny that I can into Two Can Do. And thanks to all of the generosity back in the summer, we did it. We toured.
Next year – I want to take the newly developed SUPPORT workshops to schools, to community centers, to senior centers, anywhere where there are people who can benefit from human connection.
Next year – I want to continue to grow the team, to be able to hire these passionate people on a consistent basis and to care for them and give them what they deserve.
Next year – I want to take Two Can Do to international arts festivals and fringe festivals.
Next year – I want to start planning a European Tour of this incredible experience so that we can take one step closer to the vision in my head which is huge.
I used to think I was a big fat daydreamer. I know now that this was the beginnings of my vision. I am a visionary. And as I complete this return around the sun and prepare for a new one, I couldn’t be more grateful to be alive and for my life. I couldn’t be more excited to continue to work on my relationship with money and abundance so that I can continue to invest in myself and my work…and show the universe that I know and understand that I deserve this support. And I am looking forward to listening deeper, loving harder and laughing ALL THE TIME. Plus some hugs and kisses and jumping and flowers (all the faves).
My intention for this new year: Liberation through acceptance.
Friends, family, colleagues – for my birthday this year, every dollar will surely go a long way, to supporting me in reaching the huge vision that lies within my heart.
Thank you in advance for the birthday love and the TCD support. Any and all of it warms my heart and reminds me how damn grateful and lucky I am to be here right now.
See you all on the 7th. I’m on bday hiatus now =)
Talk soon

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