Parables of B – coming home to myself + New Moon Intentions

Alrighty – so today the situation is this – the Virgo New Moon is approaching. It will be exact at 7AM September 17th. I am setting my intentions for it now. This new moon will be in Virgo which is my 9th house in my chart.

The 9th house is the house of foreign travel, education, new ideas and exploring. Now – Virgo is ruled by Mercury – which falls in the 11th house in my chart – of society, the public and community. So as soon as I figured all of that out – I decided that being here might be a good way to state my intentions. I wasn’t going to make it a parable. But then I came in to see what the next prompt would be for me and it was this…

What am I being invited to come home to within myself?

JUICY. Juice juice juicy. So I’m bringing it all together mamis and papis. <<< LOL DK who they are but at this point when I write on here I feel like I am writing for the whole world and also writing for no one but myself. It’s beautiful really. I love that.

So basically – new moon in Virgo is going to activate my sector of education, foreign travel, new ideas and exploring. That is V V V V exciting. Also this new moon is a great time to set intentions. All new moons are but this one apparently is even better for that because being in Virgo, well Virgo is a practical sign. One of getting things done and doing things with a practical purpose.

Okay and also the Sun and Moon are squaring Saturn right now. So – Sun & Moon in my 9th house are squaring Saturn in my 1st house. The relationship between these two houses is showing the transition. I want to talk about all of this I’m just stating the facts.

1st house is the house of the self, the ego, the personality, the consciousness, ambition.

And Neptune is in Pisces where he likes to be – well what I mean is that he is co-ruler of Pisces so he has access to all of his natural elements there. This Neptune in Pisces falls in my 3rd house of communication, neighbors, local community, media, publishing, siblings. LOL it seems so random doesn’t it? The lists of stuff that fall in each house.

So Neptune being here apparently helps to figure out what is aligned with my values and what I want to create. I just have to say I am learning some these things from THIS ARTICLE which is helping me to make sense of what I have already gathered from my Astrology knowledge (beginner knowledge).

ALRIGHT!!! So I want to reflect on the following – what do I want to create and what is aligned with my values with regards to my education, foreign travel, exploring and new ideas. AND what is transitioning between myself, my ego, consciousness, ambition and personality and my education, foreign travel, exploring and new ideas.

AND I want to reflect on – what am I being invited to come home to within myself?

These all go together in ways. I read this from Gabrielle Bernstein – it is one of my intentions now – “I surrender to creative solutions.”

This is all of it. I also want to think about a few things that I want to build upon. I want to build habits and I want to enhance habits. I want to care for myself in deeper ways. I want to notice things more and embrace things more. I received these intentions this morning:

I surrender to what is. I am grateful for what’s here.

I love those. I also feel that I want to clear some things out of my life and I want to clear up some habits that are holding me back. So I want to have all of these things on the table and let myself write freely now. Watch the intentions come out of my fingertips and I will know when they are here.

I also asked the universe for a sign about something and the sign they gave me to look out for was a Penguin in a bowtie. LOL honestly. The Universe playing tricks on me. Or not. I don’t know. But I thought that was funny.

Right now I actually weirdly feel like I am reliving some of the pain of May and June. May and June was a very intense time of the year for me and actually a very intense time of my life. I feel like all of my fears were heightened and all of my frustrations were also highlighted about how those fears have held me back. I am willing to let them go and I want to let them go now. I faced having to let go of some things that were unfathomable to me up until that point. I faced having to speak up on my own behalf about things that were also unfathomable to me up until that point. I had to acknowledge how much pain I was holding on to from childhood and I also had to acknowledge how much power I had within me to reconnect to the child within me and listen to her and love her. I don’t think I noticed it, but it became clear to me in a few ways that there were people in my life who I really love, had deep relationships or long-lasting relationships with, and the ways in which they were mistreating me or had the capability to mistreat me were made obvious. It was painful.

I also feel like I want to clear out my schedule. I have been saying I have a deep desire to streamline my work life and also to get clear about what kind of work I want to do. I was looking for jobs today. I KNOW LOL not streamlining if I’m adding is it? LOLOL But it is. I am looking because I want to find something part time – to streamline my income. To make it more regular. To support me so that I can support my creative children. So I want to do that.

Habits that have been holding me back definitely include self-sabotage. I let myself get distracted and I let myself get away from what really lights me up by convincing myself that I need to do something else – based off of limiting beliefs that I am not good enough.

So I want to come home to the part of me that loves myself so deeply that I know that I am more than enough. I want to come back home to my deep faith in God and the Universe and my deep faith in my destiny and my ability to live in alignment with my truth. I am being invited to do that because I can see that there are many opportunities in my life to appreciate who I am and to realize the ease with which things are happening for me when my intentions are clear.

I am doing an intention setting ritual and meditation tomorrow with some special people. It marks the launch of a service called Meditation for You. I have intentions I set for this service as well. They will be added to those which I set for myself now.

Upon reflecting on this… I also want to say that I want to continue to enforce a habit of daily movement and daily yoga practice. As well as daily prayer. The new ones I want to integrate are Rest and Reading. I want to integrate them as regular and non-negotiable.

What excites me to think about – is that I want to create and dream with regards to my education and foreign travel. I am so excited to continue learning astrology – I want to complete the certificate and I want to be able to read people’s charts and use Astrology to help people understand themselves better. I want to be hired to go to parties, fundraisers, people’s houses – to do Astrology workshops and read people’s charts. I want to do individual readings.

I also want to create so much success with B. Create. , Two Can Do, Yoga and Meditation for You – all of these things make me feel so excited and there are so many ideas that flow through me when I am energetically engaged within these things. It is amazing.

I also want my Croatian Citizenship to come through. I want to get back to Ireland. I want to visit Croatia and Greece. I want to celebrate my birthday on a beach in Portugal or Croatia or Greece.

I want to live in Europe.

So here goes:

I surrender to what is.

I am grateful for what’s here.

I surrender to creative solutions.

I make time for rest.

I make time for reading.

I am willing to release self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors.

I make space for opportunities for meaningful work.

I am open to receive opportunities for meaningful work.

I acknowledge the child within me.

I intend to treat myself with tenderness and love.

I am creating a beautiful European life, living in Europe and visiting European countries.

I am ushering in and inviting support in creating a unity and streamlining all of my creative endeavors – that they may align with my true soul’s purpose and allow me to serve the world.

I am ushering in abundance and creating wealth through my habits, my finances, my health, my self-care routine and my relationships.

YESSSS these are getting juicy now. Yes.

I am embracing the transition of my relationship between what my ego wants and what my desires are and my education and travel and ideas.


I am embracing change. I am embracing the unfolding of my highest good.

I want to write about my wildest dreams of life. My wildest most beautiful dreamy life. I want to write about that. But I also want to be done.

So next time.

Talk soon,




Octavia’s Parables :Parable of the Sower Podcast

What is your relationship to the stars?

What is your relationship to change?

What is your positive obsession?

What are your recurring dreams?


Tarot for the Wild Soul:

What am I being invited to come home to within myself?

How can I fully embrace this homecoming?

What am I being invited to release in order to do this?

What is supporting me in this sacred work?

Where am I on my Soul’s journey at this moment?

How am I being asked to be of service at this time?


Chani Nicholas:

Consider what you’d like to learn about yourself through this retrograde and set an intention to do so.

Watch what makes your blood boil, what makes you want to take shortcuts, and watch yourself when you want to take on extra projects.

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